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Looking to the CardSight range of, you will find that most have an annual fee (although many waive this fee for the first year), but frequent travellers can still save big. Air miles really increase when you use your card to purchase flights directly with the provider, but other spending on items with the many cards, like groceries for example, will also accrue air miles in varying numbers based on each dollar spent.

A powerful tool for the regular traveler: airline and travel cards give all the convenience of standard credit cards, but spending-based rewards also accrue as “air miles.” These can be redeemed for flights with the participating airline. Depending on the card, these miles can also be utilized for stays at participating hotels and other travel-related services. Access to exclusive airport lounges is another benefit often offered to the frequent flier card user.

Looking over the CardSight list of airline and travel cards, you will find that many have an annual fee (although some companies waive this fee the first year); however, but even with these annual fees, frequent travelers can still save a great deal overall. Frequent flier mile-based bonuses are greatest when you use your card to purchase flights with the provider, but other spending (on groceries, for example) will also accrue miles (or points) based on each dollar spent.

Other typical freqent-flier benefits include: free baggage check in; statement credit; low APR’s; air miles redeemable as cash-back rewards; seat upgrades; or car rental. Many cards also offer bonus miles upon signing up or after a certain level of spending is reached. Some of these cards can also be used for zero interest balance transfers for specified periods.

Points to note:

  • Some Airline reward cards have “blackout dates,” meaning air miles cannot be cashed in for flights on these dates
  • Airline and credit card issuer partnerships can change, but you should receive ample notice if this were to occur
  • Some airlines only operate domestically, meaning you won’t be able to redeem accrued air miles for international travel

CardSight allows easy, convenient online applications for all our offers.

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