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Managing credit responsibly is all about finding ways to save money on your bills and put more of your money where it needs to go. Finding a great balance transfer credit card is the best way to pay off your debt faster--often with rewards benefits as well.

Remember if you choose to apply online for your balance transfer card of choice:

  • You will in almost all cases need an excellent credit score and history for your application to be successful.
  • All low introductory rate balance transfers and low standard APR rates are subject to approval. The APR rate you may be charged on your balance transfer can vary from the offer presented by the card issuer after they have assessed your application.
  • The low introductory 0% interest offers only apply for a specified period of time, after which the remainder of the transferred balance will be subject to the standard interest rate of the card.
  • To prevent ceaseless movement of balances from one card to another, regulations have been put in place to ensure a minimum repayment is made on transferred balances each month.
  • In most cases a balance transfer fee will apply, this is usually between 1-5% of the balance being transferred, or is capped to a maximum fee.
  • Be careful when using the card for purchases, as you will not be able to pay off the purchases until the transferred balance has been paid off. In the meantime all purchases and cash withdrawals will be charged at the higher rates of interest.

You will find zero percent interest introductory offers on balance transfers, low regular APR cards, cards with no annual fees, and cards with premium annual fees offering premier services and rewards in our listing. While the credit cards here are provided for best debt consolidation, other card frills can include cash back rewards, frequent flier miles and more.

Remember that transferring balances and closing your old account can cause you to lose some of your established credit history. CardSight allows you weigh all your options with clear impartial insight into the benefits and the drawbacks of each credit card offer in a particular category. None of the cards here listed are preapproved, but instant online approval is available with most cards.

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