5 Unique Ways to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Faster

Credit card debt is something which many of us simply live with. It’s like having an itch that you’ve had for so long that you don’t think about it anymore. The problem of debt has become a national epidemic now. More people in debt means less money going into the economy, meaning more jobs cut, which in turn means more people in debt. It’s a problem! In fact, the average American owes a whopping $47,000 in consumer debt.  Yuk. Continue reading “5 Unique Ways to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Faster” »

Are Cash Back Credit Cards Right for You?

Cash back credit cards are a type of reward card which does precisely what it says: gives you cash back on purchases! The reward money is totaled up at every anniversary date of your card and then given back to you in one form or another–usually as a check, deposit into your bank account, or applied to your credit card to give you a surplus, which you could use for new purchases or  pay back some of your current debt. Different cards have different ways of handling this though: Continue reading “Are Cash Back Credit Cards Right for You?” »