How Your Credit Card Can Survive the Holidays

It’s that time of year: the holidays. And like it or not, it’s not only the waistline which takes a beating. In this day and age of heavy consumerism, bombardment by advertisers, and many people trying to one-up each other in terms of gifts, decorations and food, it’s all too easy to let your budget–and credit card–suffer abuse. “After all,” we justify, “it’s only once a year.” Continue reading “How Your Credit Card Can Survive the Holidays” »

6 Tips for Students to Use Credit Cards Wisely

Whether the post-school adults like it or not, student credit cards have become a staple for the majority of college and university students. Not only are they used to take advantage of online services through a college such as tuition payment and purchasing cheaper text books, but they are also a good way to build up a credit report before graduates start looking for a new vehicle, home, or decent loan. However, it’s also true that many students get into trouble with credit cards, racking up more debt than they can manage and damaging their credit history before it’s really had a chance to begin. If you want to avoid this pit, then follow these six tips to use credit cards wisely. Continue reading “6 Tips for Students to Use Credit Cards Wisely” »