Different Types of Reward Credit Cards

It wasn’t all that long ago that credit cards were just no-frills cards that let you buy now and pay later, but as the number of credit card companies and the cards they offered grew, companies realized that they had to offer more to their consumers. This is where we see the birth of benefits like no interest, low interest, and rewards credit cards (often combined in the same now). There are several different types of reward credit cards now, so let’s take a look at them! Continue reading “Different Types of Reward Credit Cards” »

5 Best Credit Card Practices for Retired People

Retirees today are increasingly becoming credit card holders because it helps them to travel, achieve more of their retirement dreams, and makes things a little more convenient. But where today’s generation is being raised with more credit card savvy, there are still some seniors who are relatively new to the whole idea of credit cards–especially learning how to manage credit on a fixed income. But hey, we know that seniors have a fantastic amount of life experience and wisdom and we’re going to help you use that savvy to make sure you get the most out of your credit card. Continue reading “5 Best Credit Card Practices for Retired People” »