4 Unique Ways to Make Your Credit Card Work For You

How many people think that they are working for their credit card? Probably quite a few of them. It often feels like we get so buried in debt that we are working for the credit card company in addition to our job! However, if you’re smart and careful, you can turn this situation around so that your credit card is working for and benefiting you, as it should be! Discover four unique ways to make this happen:

1. Use Those Extended Warranties

You probably skim over this part of the features of a credit card, but stop and think about it for a moment. If you purchase electronics, you should always get a warranty that will last as long as possible in case something breaks down. An extended warranty usually costs money, but with the right credit card, it will be absolutely free, so enjoy those extra six to twelve months of safety.

2. Reward Yourself-Pay Your Balance

Some cards which give cash rewards or points could go towards merchandise, but they could also go towards paying down your balance. This may sound dull, but think about it for a second: those points are now not only being used to pay down debt, but they are also reducing your interest payments over time.

3. Annoy… I Mean Use the Concierge Services

Plenty of cards now offer concierge services in order to attract customers. While most people only occasionally use it to do things like check on restaurants in a distant town, order flowers for a loved one, or check on hotels, you can use these services for anything. This blog post has some giggle worthy examples and includes asking a concierge for crossword puzzle answers, looking up trips to space, and researching big tubs of cheese. Obviously you can’t have your personal slave concierge do things like make you an instant millionaire, but you can ask them to do a whole range of other things for no additional costs to your credit card.

4. Give Yourself an Interest Free Loan

Are you currently plotting revenge against your bank because it wouldn’t give you a loan for your summer renovation? Give yourself the loan instead! You can do this by using a 0% APR credit card, putting the purchases on the card, and then paying it off before the 0% APR time expires. You get a free loan, you get your purchases and your bank doesn’t need to be involved at all.

Although it can often feel like your credit card owns you (especially if it has lingering debt), never forget that you are the customer and the credit card can be used to benefit you! These are some of the more unique ways to make use of your card, but they are all perfectly viable and good ways to get what you want.


Darryl Van Dyke has over 20 years experience in the finance industry. He is currently the senior editor & contributor at CardSight.com.