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Why Discover Created the “It” Card as Their Primary Credit Card
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In first quarter of 2013, Discover rolled out its new credit card which has now replaced the many different cards they used to offer, combining the previous Discover More, Escape, and Miles credit cards into one piece of plastic called “Discover it.” Discover now only offers four cards: The Discover it, the Discover it Card for Students, the Discover Business card and the Discover Business Miles card. Read More »

Five Helpful Tips to Choose the Best Low Interest Credit Cards
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Credit cards with low interest rates are a huge selling point for the issuers of these cards. This is because they can leverage the fact that people who use these cards can do things like get out of debt faster, pay for big ticket items quickly, or simply have smaller … Read More »

Secrets the Credit Card Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know
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Sneaky business! The credit card industry is like any other business in that it has to advertise, provide products, follow regulations and keep secrets. Conspiracy theorists dig out your tinfoil hats and the rest of you, listen up: we’re delving into the hidden and disguised practices that credit card companies … Read More »

Prestigious Credit Cards – Which High End Card is Best?
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There are all different types of credit cards out there, but at the very top of the rung are the prestigious and exclusive cards. Some of them are so prestigious that you can only get them by invitation! These cards are considered to be the cream of the crop…only the … Read More »