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The Dangers of Using Credit Cards for Cash Advances
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Credit cards can be used for several different ways. Most often, they are used to purchase goods and services. But many people use them for cash advances. This can be done in cases of emergencies, such as a cash shortfall, but it’s also a dangerous habit to get into, particularly if you’re trying to keep your credit card debt under control or pay it off. What are the dangers with using your credit card to get money? Read More »

How to Use Business Credit Cards to Maximize Rewards on Company Purchases
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Business credit cardsare a type of niche credit card used by small or large businesses. They are often used by small business owners as a way to manage their finances and keep track of purchases. When business times are slow, low interest features of the credit card is going to be more important than rewards. But for business owners who want to use their credit cards to gain rewards, there are ways to get the most out of your card benefits. Read More »

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud
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Credit card fraud can cost people thousands of dollars and trash their credit history in the process if left unchecked. Find out how to protect yourself and what to do if your your card has been stolen. Read More »

How Your Credit Card Can Survive the Holidays
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It’s that time of year: the holidays. And like it or not, it’s not only the waistline which takes a beating. In this day and age of heavy consumerism, bombardment by advertisers, and many people trying to one-up each other in terms of gifts, decorations and food, it’s all too easy to let your budget–and credit card–suffer abuse. Read More »