Prestigious Credit Cards – Which High End Card is Best?

There are all different types of credit cards out there, but at the very top of the rung are the prestigious and exclusive cards. Some of them are so prestigious that you can only get them by invitation! These cards are considered to be the cream of the crop…only the wealthy can get them and only they have the best rewards and perks.

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The Secret Clubs…

The very first so-called exclusive credit card is considered to be the American Express Centurion, also known as the ‘Black Card”.
American Express Centurion Card
Rumors of a fabulously exclusive credit card that could give users basically whatever they wanted, started circulating in the late 1980’s. Only a handful of celebrities had them, but everyone panted after them.
It’s not known whether this card actually existed or not, but AMEX (NYSE:AXP) certainly didn’t let the grass grow beneath the rumor’s feet. Before too long, the first high end card hit the market and it was just as wonderful as the rumor mills claimed. And once that cat was out of the bag, other companies followed suit, many of them with their very own high end card.


Prestigious credit cards with such a limited membership require some fantastic benefits–and they don’t disappoint. If we take a closer look at the appearance alone, one can see an improved card. Many of these cards are not made with simple plastic; for example, some are made with anodized titanium and graphite. This makes the cards very different from the rest…they are heavier, feel different, and are far more eye catching.

The cards also impart some amazing benefits, such as:

  • Access to front-row tickets to major events
  • Hotel benefits
  • Backstage passes
  • Personal assistants
  • Ultimate concierge
  • Airport lounges
  • Travel insurance/medical coverage
  • Invitations to private shopping events
  • A personal shopper
  • Personal travel agents
  • Premium tables

And much more!

Getting One of Your Own

Loving the idea of having one of these prestigious cards? Well, you and everyone else! The qualifications to own this card are fairly simple. You need to be making a minimum annual income of between 125K and 250K (or more), spend between two thousand and five thousand a month or more on a credit card, and have an excellent credit history. It is expected that you will pay off your balance in full every month (sometimes interest rates are not discussed and you have no limit to your credit amount).   Failure to do so results in massive fees and a jarring interest rate.

The Centurion is the rarest of the bunch: it has all of the features you want, but comes with an initiation fee of $5,000 and an annual fee of $2,500. Only around 10,000 people in the world have this black card, so it’s pretty uncommon. But if you aren’t one of those elite, there are now plenty of other high end cards that are within the reach of many applicants. They include the Visa Signature Card and the World MasterCard. They have plenty of benefits too and it’s a little easier to get them. For these cards, you usually have to earn about $125,000 a year and charge around $2,000 a month (plus have an excellent credit history of course). Click Here to see what other prestigious cards you qualify for.

The reason why there are more prestigious cards is competition of course! With so many wealthy people clamoring to get an extraordinarily exclusive credit card, the companies want to fill that demand–and hope to have people drooling after their cards too! This means that there are more cards on the market, though they are still not perfectly easy to get.


There are a few problems with these cards (or at least things to be mindful of). They have very high annual fees–often to the tune of up to $2500. They also have a high interest rate, assuming you don’t pay your card off in full every month (like should be). And there are sometimes initiation fees to consider which must be paid even before you start using said card. Of course, given that people who have these cards make a great deal of money, these fees are usually not that big a deal.

High end, prestige credit cards are considered to be a true mark of being part of the upper crust. Only the wealthy have them and many other people want them. If it’s your goal to be part of this elite group of people, then make sure you are making enough money, that you have an excellent credit history, and that you use your credit card regularly, such as for travel or business expenses. Assuming you do all of this, a high end credit card may be just the thing for you!

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Darryl Van Dyke has over 20 years experience in the finance industry. He is currently the senior editor & contributor at