Why Discover Created the “It” Card as Their Primary Credit Card

Discover rolled out its new credit card which has now replaced the many different cards they used to offer, combining the previous Discover More, Escape, and Miles credit cards into one piece of plastic called “Discover it.” Discover now only offers four credit cards: The Discover it, the Discover it for Students, the Discover Business card and the Discover Business Miles card. But why did a well established credit card company with a great deal of popularity decide to so dramatically overhaul their credit card line?

Putting People First

Well, the answer according to Julie Loeger, SVP of brand and acquisition at Discover Card, is simple: they listened to the customer. And what the customers wanted was a more human aspect to their credit card company; in particular, they desire a credit card issuer who is going to work with their needs, desires–even mistakes–rather than operate like many corporations which seek to take as much as they can from consumers.

And People Want Rewards

The Discover it card is the product of many years of giving rewards, service, and value to cardholders. The Discover card was the first credit card which gives rewards (to the tune of 2%) back to clients. This was when it was still under the Sears banner. Since then, Discover has been well known to give some of the best credit card rewards on the market with most cards giving a unique type of reward geared towards a certain demographic. Discover was also successful because it had solid customer service and was considered to be a great choice to those who look for the highest value credit cards through their rewards.

Combining the Best into One Credit Card

The idea behind the Discover it was not necessarily to completely redesign the wheel–after all, their credit card lineup had been doing quite nicely for close to twenty years! Instead, the idea was to enhance their product while still bringing together everything which customers liked and combining it all into one card. A card like this would have all of the best rewards under one “roof” so to speak; offer the most flexibility; and be even more customer friendly. Thus, the Discover it was born.

Although many aspects of Discover’s card remained the same–like the 5% cash back in rotating cycles–other parts became very different. Discover rolled out the idea of forgiving the first late payment with a $0 late fee and the APR isn’t raised for that first time. This card also has no annual fee, no over-limit fee, no pay-by-phone fee and no foreign transaction, making it a very affordable card for everyone. They wanted to make the card not only cheaper, but also more understanding and people friendly–encouraging the idea that a big company will have some grace when you initially fall behind in your bills. Discover even offers help for people who have lost their jobs by doing things like lowering interest rates or reducing monthly payments. The system also includes the cash back concierge service, a service that can help card members make the most of their cash back by teaching them how best to use their account.

What’s interesting about the Discover it was that it originally wasn’t envisioned as the card that would replace most of the other Discover cards, but as the card neared completion and more customers became interested in it, that’s precisely what it became. More customers were interested in a card that could offer them flexibility in their rewards, wouldn’t punish them the first time they ran late, and offered great customer service. So it became much easier for Discover to simply discontinue their other cards and focus on the Discover it, the student it card, and their pair of business credit cards.

Apply Now

So, if you’ve been looking for an all-in-one card with a more human aspect to it, then the Discover it card may be just what you’ve been searching for. It has the same successful rewards systems as the Discover More and other cards, but with the human touches of late payment forgiveness, cash back concierge, and things like U.S. based customer service to help when times get sticky. It’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to Discover it! Fortunately, application for the card is simple and takes just a few minutes. Apply here if you would like to own this card.


Darryl Van Dyke has over 20 years experience in the finance industry. He is currently the senior editor & contributor at CardSight.com.