The World’s Most Exclusive Credit Cards for 2015 – For the Aristocratic Class!

Credit cards range from those meant for people with poor credit to excellent credit. Some cards are in the “exclusive” category–very elite credit cards for those with great credit scores and income. While many cannot qualify for these types of cards, it’s still worth knowing that they exist and may be worth striving for.

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Talk About Wow Factor!

Characterized by over the top perks and bonuses, a high annual fee, and features like no interest rates (since they are charge cards that have to be paid off every month), these ultra exclusive credit cards have their own sets of legends and myths around them. For example, the Coutts & Co. World Card is characterized by its Royal Purple color, showcasing the fact that it is truly a card for royalty (Queen Elizabeth has one–it must be good!).
Coutts World Card

And then there is the AMEX Centurion ‘Black’ Card which for a long time was just a rumour (though the rumour actually came before the card) and is available by invitation only.

Are You Worthy?

With a limited clientele (most of these cards are only held by those who’s net worth is in the millions and make at least a couple hundred thousand a year), the companies can offer very exclusive customer services and rewards. For example, the Citibank Ultima gives you exclusive access to private islands while the Coutts & Co. World Card gives you help in everything from chartering a yacht to hiring a governess. The AMEX Platinum card may save your life by offering emergency medical evacuation services for card holders who are injured in even the most remote vacation spots and the American Express Centurion was used by James Bond.

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Annual Fees are How Much?!

Obviously these cards don’t come easily to most people. First of all, they carry hefty annual fees to the tune of $400 to over $2500 and many of them are invitation only cards. Even those which you must apply for have high standards; you have to be making a lot of money and be worth even more in assets. Some of them have sign up costs too, such as the AMEX Centurion which charges you $5,000 just to join the club on top of the annual fee. Most of these cards do not have an APR because it’s expected you’ll pay off your balance in full every month.

Amazing Benefits

So what do you get for the price? The question is, what don’t you get! These credit cards offer great benefits: exclusive concierge services; personal assistants to help you do everything from getting last minute concert tickets to obtaining a governess to yachts; an extremely high or unlimited credit limit; VIP passes for concerts, events and other shows; priority passes in airport lounges; plus point systems to redeem points for still more goodies. Owning this card is like having access to the best help, the best perks, and the ability to get the best out of every aspect of life.

Max Out Your Ego

Of course you’ll also get the envious looks every time you take out a card which is rarely only plastic: for example, the Dubai First Royale MasterCard is studded with diamonds, while the Krungthai Card is made with .06g carat diamonds and 6 carat gold!

Now, most people may never see–let alone hold–one of these cards. However, there are a few that you can work towards. The Visa Black Card is a little less exclusive than the others in that you can actually apply for it, and expect an annual fee of only $450 while still enjoying many perks and benefits. The Visa Infinite card is another high class credit card with plenty of dining, wining, and travel perks, but you can also apply for it and assuming you have the income and a fantastic credit score, you’ll get it. Other cards in the realm of us mere mortals are also available for those with excellent credit. And once you’ve had one high class credit card, it gets easier to get the other ones…so with some work and care, you may find yourself the bearer of an ultra exclusive credit card. If nothing else, aiming high may cause you to improve your credit score–or at least keep your credit rating squeaky clean!

Find out what prestigious card YOU qualify for via CARDMATCH


Darryl Van Dyke has over 20 years experience in the finance industry. He is currently the senior editor & contributor at

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