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A Valuable Resource for Businesses:

CardSight offers a variety of cards for small business and corporate use. With easier to access to funds than standard loans, some business credit cards are available without a personal guarantee. Whether you have a secured or unsecured business cards, they come with some very useful features: bookkeeping is made easier with spending reports delivered as statements, your company credit history can be built or repaired, you have purchase and return protection, and employee accountability is assured when spending with the issued card.

Both Business & Personal Credit Rating is Important

Unless your business is already established with its own credit rating (you can determine this by using the credit monitoring services via our Credit Score section), small business credit card online applications are based on your personal credit score, finances, and credit history. Negative business and personal credit score information is detrimental and can leave you with bad credit, which affects the type of card you can be approved for as well as interest rates and fees.

Get Great Benefits for Paying Your Business Expenses!

When it comes to perks, many of our top rated business credit cards include top notch reward programs such as cash-back, frequent flier miles or points, 0% introductory APR for balance transfers, low or no annual fees, and offer substantial credit limits. These rewards, especially travel and cash-back benefits, can really add up if your business runs a great deal of expenses through credit cards.

Credit Line, APR, & Other Details

A credit line will assist your business with cash flow and day to day spending if small business loans are unavailable. Using a business credit card also allows you make online payments, which is a big convenience. Used responsibly, a business credit will help you build the credit history needed to acquire future business loans. One point to note is that business credit cards fall outside the consumer credit regulations. With a business card you have less protection than regular consumer or student credit card holders enjoy.

APR rates can fluctuate retroactively without notice, and your provider is not obligated to send you statements well in advance of payment due dates. That said, a number of issuers do provide these protections on their business card accounts. As you look through the variety of business card offers, remember the low interest rate list may be attractive, but perhaps a prepaid debit card can provide the same conveniences you are looking--and without the need for a high credit rating.

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