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Some cards have no (0%) interest--they are generally reserved for persons with a great credit history--a reward for being a low risk to the credit card company. However; those with good and fair credit are often able to access the benefits of a low APR.

There are even some “Secured Credit Cards” that come with a low interest credit line. By looking to card options that have few frills like cash-back or other rewards, and where a low APR is the prime feature, you will be surprised by the quality of card you are eligible for. Whether seeking a lower than usual balance transfer fee, no annual fees, extended 0% APR periods, total merchant acceptance, or other, we present an array of cards that will meet even the most exacting needs. When you find what you want, apply online easily. Remember too that a low rate APR is a benefit that can easily outweigh the cost of an annual fee. Of course, paying off your entire balance at each month end is the best way to save no matter what the APR.

If you do expect to pay off your balance every month, then this feature will mean little to you unless you want to consolidate credit card debts with a balance transfer to the new card. Even if not, you may still be well served by looking to cards that best “Reward” (cash-back, air miles, fuel, etc.) your spending based on the lifestyle you lead.

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