Privacy Policy Document

Last updated on August 14, 2012
  1. This document denotes your Privacy Rights, the protections of your private information by, and the terms under which private and personal information is stored and used. For clarity, you the reader of this document and the user of are referred to from here on in as: The User. Also for clarity from here on in is referred to as: "The Site."
  2. CardSight “The Site” is focused on and concerned with privacy issues and in the abiding by any existing or impending rules and regulations concerning privacy, data, its storage and its use. We want you “The User” to have access to complete information regarding how “The Site” will use any personal and private data collected in the course of search, referrals, requests, user generated content, and as a natural occurrence of use of The Site.

In use of The Site by The User, The User agrees with the terms and conditions of the site (See “Terms of Use"”) and also with the terms and conditions of the present Privacy Policy of This document describes in full our practice of safe data collection and usage, it describes how and when that information is stored and transferred, and also details that anonymous use of The Site is permitted.

Respect of Privacy

The Site respects privacy, the privacy of The User and that of our agents, affiliates, and persons associated with The Site. The Terms of This Document covers all use of personal data, whether that use of Data is off The Site, on The Site, or through The Site. It also covers messages and other communications The User may receive as the result of using The Site or linkages from The Site. This document provides full disclosure on how and when information of The User is disclosed by The Site.

Personally Identifying and Non-Personally Identifying Information


This document covers the activities of The Site exclusively in relation to personal and private information usage. If The User is to use any other site or entity as a result of referral or other method via The Site, The Site recommends that The User read the Privacy Policy document (if any) of other sites or entities to determine their policies regarding privacy of personal and non-personally identifying information. This document is subject to change at any point, but changes will not be applied retroactively. The User is asked to copy and save this Privacy Policy document, and if and when changes to the document are applied, The User will be able to see that such changes have taken place by looking at the “Last updated date” in the header of the document.

Collection, storage, usage and transfer by The Site of Personally Identifying Information and Non-Personally Identifying Info.

What is personal information? This is any information that can be used to identify The User. Personal information collected and used by The Site can include The User’s actual name, their postal address, their cell phone, landline numbers and Skype ID for instance. The email address of The User if delivered to The Site can and will be used by the Site also.

Other personally identifying information that may be used and collected by The Site is The User’s (or that of the individual The User is legally representing) Credit or Debit Card information. As a consequence of usage of The Site other personal information regarding health, personal stats like age and weight, insurance coverage owned etc may also be provided and collected.

In order for this information type to be deemed as “Personal Information” by The Site, The User should ensure that it is provided alongside the other Personal Information detailed above. The User’s user name which allows them access to certain functions of The Site is not deemed to be personally identifiable information, and The User is asked not to use a User name which identifies them.

How is this personal information collected?

  1. The information is provided by The User in their filling out fields and forms on The Site.
  2. Through the usage of site forums, in making comments upon articles The User may whether purposefully or not provide personally identifiable information, any user generated content provided by The User may include this information.
  3. If The User wishes to take part in some of the promotions or other activities The Site would like them to take part in; such personally identifiable information may be provided by The User and collected by The Site. This may also cover The User’s participation in surveys, be they surveys created by The Site, surveys promoted by the site, or use of which is facilitated by The Site.
  4. Personally identifiable information may also be gathered and retained as a result of activities of The User, and not as a direct consequence of personally identifiable information being provided to The Site by The User. Information may be delivered by agents or business partners of The Site, and by other Site Users in their referring The Site to make a communication with you.
  5. So too, The User will have the ability to make referrals for The Site to other individuals, pursuant of their becoming Site Users or Users of the Service Providers and Third Parties facilitated by The Site. In this instance it is likely that the contact information of The User will be transferred to the individual the referral is made to by The User.
  6. Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on The Site. Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit to This Site and other sites on the Internet. Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Using the "Request" Function of The Site

The User should note also that if in use of the Request function offered by the site, as outlined in the "Terms of Use” document, the service providers to whom the personally identifiable information of request is issued to (for the purposes of delivering their personalized offer to The User) may contact The User by means of contact provided by The User and by other means.

In using the “Request Function” The User is agreeing to this even if the user telephone number etc. is on a do not call list. So too in the use of the “Request” function as outlined in the terms of use document” The User is granting express permission for said third parties to conduct research on The User up to and including credit checks in order to determine the offer they are to present The User with.

Liability Disclaimer

Personal Information may be collected, and disclosed by The Site in the following ways:

  1. Should a “request” be made by The User to find Service Providers who can meet their needs, then any personally identifiable information provided may be forwarded to Service Providers as part of the functionality of The Site. This is so that relevant information can be collected and delivered to The User. In such an instance, The User agrees through usage of The Site, that The Site has no responsibility for how that information will be used by third parties and service providers, nor can any claim be made against The Site or connected individuals or entities as a result of misuse or other of said personal information.
  2. In the Users use of The Site, the Site will have certain research documents, white papers and books in E-Book form which can be downloaded (either paid for or downloadable for free.) In such instances it is likely that some personally identifiable information will be passed to The Site via this download, and The Site will pass such information to sponsors of the site and / or clients and other third parties allowing relevant offers to be made in line with the demanded information product. The User is asked if they do not wish to permit such transference of personally identifiable information that they do not make the download of the information product.
  3. The User’s personal information may be collected if they make a specific enquiry to The Site via email or other. Personal Information may also be collected by third parties and affiliates facilitated by the site if The User makes an inquiry to them regarding their service or product offerings.
  4. Personal information may be required and used in the confirmation of transactions made by The User.
  5. The personal information may be required and used if The Site needs to make a connection with The User for the confirmation and verification of other, or same information.
  6. The information provided by The User may be required and used in order to better the service delivery of The Site in accordance with specialized needs, wants, or pre-empting those needs and wants by The Site.
  7. In bettering its service delivery The Site may use any collected information in order to ensure specifically targeted offers are presented to The User. This may take the place of the actual site content relating to Credit Bureau / Card deliveries or other via the associated third party and affiliate links that appear on The Site.
  8. The Site may need to use the provided personally identifiable information in order to attend to The Site’s and The User’s customer service needs, in resolution of issues etc.
  9. Provided information may be used for the enforcement of this document and the terms and conditions of using The Site as outlined in the “ Terms and Conditions of use” document.
  10. The provided information may be passed onto affiliated entities of The Site, for the verification of information, processing of transactions; web hosting etc, the information may also be afforded to search engines or third party firms for data analysis, for the assistance of their service provision.
  11. The main focus of the site regarding collection and use of information is the collection of names and email addresses for the building of a site customer list.
  12. The User information may be stored and used in order to enhance the delivery of The Site’s functions to The User, for marketing The Site’s products, the products and services of sponsors, and those of affiliates and third parties.
  13. There is certain information The Site is required to store in order to meet The Site’s legal obligations under privacy of information acts.
  14. The information may be used to keep The User in the know about site changes (up to and including changes in this document.)
  15. The information may also be collected and stored for use at a future point for transfer as though an asset. Such transfer of personal information may take place if The Site is sold and will be delivered as part of the assets of The Site to the new owner.
  16. Personal information will be disclosed / not disclosed within the application of the law, whether The Site is obeying the requests for information from government authorities (US or International,) and whether The Site is pursuant of its interests or otherwise.
  17. Personal information may be disclosed in the instance of testimonials being published about The Site, about Third parties, or affiliates, if those testimonials are created by The User.
Along with personal information that may make The User identifiable, The Site may also collect and transfer other information regarding The User or the use of The Site by The User. This information may be demographic in nature, The Site may record the age and gender of The User, and the location they are using the site from (zip code.) However even though this information cannot be used on its own to personally identify The User, The Site policy is to treat this information to the same protections it offers personally identifiable information as recorded in this Privacy Policy document.
  • This non-personally identifiable information can be collected by the site using a variety of means including the details of how the site has been used by The User through collection of IP Addresses etc.
  • The information regarding site usage is of benefit in the collation of more total data referring to all of The Users of the site, and for the reportage of aggregate information.
  • Browser information can be collected by The Site, with pixel tags and related technologies used by The Site for this intention.
  • The non-personally identifiable information can also be collected by The Site through “Cookies” which are used to store information about you through your use of the internet. It is important that The Site is able to track visitor numbers etc. therefore the use of scripts that allow access to these cookies is essential for The Site. In the instance that The User has their cookies turned off, they may not be able to access certain functions or areas of The Site.
  • Other uses of this non-personally identifiable information are in determining the length of time that a user is signed in for, and to help determine the effectiveness of The Site's delivery for third parties and affiliates.
  • IP addresses are automatically logged through The Site’s server when a visit to The Site is made, this IP address is a number that you are automatically in receipt of when you use the net, it is not personally identifiable information, but can be used by The site to determine if The User is a repeat visitor etc, helping to collate research into site usage by geographic region and also in dealing with any server related issues or problems The Site may be experiencing. This is a commonly practiced by websites.
  • In The User’s use of The Site, in their clicking of links etc and filling out of fields that may see them redirected to other Websites outside of the control of The Site this information relating to IP addresses and Cookies may able be collected. In visiting any site other than The Site, be that through linking or redirecting or other, The User agrees that it is their duty to assess the Privacy Policy of that site in order to determine if the policies of that site are agreeable to The User.

SO TOO: Through The Site or through use of affiliates or through clicking advertisements for The Site or for Third Parties, certain information may be gathered. This is primarily search engine gathered data in order to provide more targeted advertising to The User which is called “online behavioral advertising.” The collection of data will not include personally identifiable information. but may include the location of The User’s server and the amount of time the User spends looking to the advertisement or on the page where the advertisement is located.

User submitted Personally Identifiable Information, and the behavior of Other Users with that information if that information is provided publicly by The User

As outlined in The Site’s Terms and Conditions document The Site is very clear about behaviors of users of the site when rendering User generated content. However also as outlined in this document; The Site is not liable for any negatives that occur as a result of user generated content including personally identifiable information, and how that information is used by other Site Users.

Personal Security when submitting User generated Content

Whilst the practice of any activities by The User that may be to the detriment of other User’s optimum experience in use of The site is declared, The Site requests that the User does not place any personally identifiable information into the Public arena in order to preserve themselves from risk of misuse of that information, or unseemly activities such as harassment etc.

Security of: The Site

  • The User should understand that in the instance of transfer of information or storage of information pertaining to personal information of the User that information will be encrypted for safety and security of that information.
  • The Site has certain obligations to ensure that stored data; be it personally identifiable data, non-personally identifiable data, or the personally identifiable data rendered unidentifiable via aggregation and the mixing with other data types, in a secure way is stored accordingly and safely The site meets these obligations and protects the data, taking all reasonable measures to ensure that there is no breach of security of data storage and / or transmission of data to unauthorized persons.
  • However The User agrees in their use of The Site that: Should a breach take place the Site cannot be held liable for any resulting negatives out of personal information or other information types being accessed by non authorized persons.
  • The measures The Site takes for protection of data are in the organization of this data where attempt is made to best obscure the information in order to make it unusable to others, via the use of encryption software’s, and other technical means.
  • However the User understands in their transmission of data that the Internet cannot be guaranteed as a place where information can ever be 100% secured from data interception etc.
  • The User interactions with The Site should be secure; however for a variety of reasons including the accidental disclosure of The User password to third parties the transmission or holding of information may become compromised. If The User has any suspicions that a compromise or security breach has taken place they are asked to communicate this to The Site via: forthwith as outlined in the CardSight "Terms of Use" document.
  • The User agrees that in spite of The Site’s efforts to the contrary, personal information entered onto the site cannot be guaranteed as being 100% safe from unauthorized users, and that in the event of a government body making a request for such information the information will be disclosed.
  • The User agrees in their usage of The Site that The Site is not to be held responsible, nor be liable for, any indirect or direct damages to The User suffered as a consequence of a security breach or the delivery of this information to Government bodies.

Collection of personal or non personal information of Minors

As outlined in The Site’s terms of use document, the site is not intended for minor use, and minors are not permitted to transfer information via the site. This includes the clicking of links, use of forums, commenting on articles and the provision of user generated content.

As an accidental consequence of minors accessing the site, details such as the IP address of the user may be added to the aggregate information of the site, however the site does not knowingly collect information on minors nor intend to do so.

User Privilege, opting out of certain data accrual measures used by The Site, and suppression of gathered information.

The User in using the site accepts these privacy terms and also the terms contained in the CardSight "Terms of Use" document. However The User has the privilege not to allow The Site collect any and all data.

  • They may click the "opt out" button for the collection of Cookie related information etc.
  • The User can always declare (in the provided field of entry) if they would or would not like to receive third party offers in line with their needs when making a transaction or a download of information products.
  • In emails that may be sent to The User via The Site or by Third parties through usage of The Site, The User will be provided with an opt out link on all emails to remove the delivery of such emails for the future.
  • The User can also contact The Site at any point for disclosure on how The User’s information can be suppressed and rendered unusable by third parties and affiliates of The Site should The User choose to do so. In this instance however should the suppression request come after prior usage of the site and transfer of information, due to the aggregated nature of data it will not be possible to suppress the usability of information that has already been provided to third parties and their affiliates.
  • Please note that there may be a number of important administrative messages The Site may need to send to The User, in the instance that The User chooses to opt out after a membership has been obtained etc, it is important that these messages are delivered for security purposes and The Site is obliged not to opt The User out of receiving such messages.
  • Note: In the event that The User contacts The Site for suppression of information etc, The Site may require The User to prove their identity to The Site in order to enact this measure. If The User makes a request of The Site, They Site we will do their best to act on it in a professional and timely manner. The more information The User has for The Site relating to the specifications of the information The User would like removed, the date the information was entered etc the better the chances of The User’s needs being met according to their exact specifications.

Retention of information

Due to the fact that minimum periods of data retention are in force in Washington State and that these periods are subject to change, The Site serves to meet the minimum periods, and can and will extend the period of data retention in line with the requirements of law.


Should this document cause you any concerns or raise any questions is here to assist and answer those queries. The Washington address of is:

Attn: Privacy Division

1733 H St., #578

Blaine, WA 98230 can also be contacted at:

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