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You'll find in the CardSight selection of the best credit cards for students, “secured credit cards,” along with “standard credit cards” and “prepaid debit cards.” If you are seeking to establish a credit history then avoid the reloadable debit card--but it too has its merits; in particular, if you are not also in gainful employment and might have difficulty making minimum monthly repayments.

The “secured” option will be your best chance of a successful credit application if you do not have a co-signer with a good or excellent credit score. The special features of the cards here range from cash-back rewards on movie rentals, to bonus points given for paying your bill on time, to other student lifestyle perks. You will also find a wealth of introductory low APR offers.

Remember this is a big decision. You should consider your ability to repay before applying for credit cards with high credit limits, or special bonuses and reward offers for spending.

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