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LAST UPDATED: August 15, 2012

i) This document constitutes policies regarding usage of their website. In using the site you are governed by the terms and conditions herein, and site usage creates a binding agreement between you (from here on in referred to as "The User") and between (from here on in referred to as "The Site")

ii) Please read this document in full, if you have any questions or comments on this document please refer them to CardSight (, 1685 H St., #578 Blaine, WA 98230 or

iii) (The Site) and its information delivery is governed by the State of Washington in the USA. You agree to these terms and conditions by visiting, submitting of information to, and/or use of information provided by The Site. Along with use of The Site being governed by these terms and conditions and your agreement to act according to these rules, in submitting information to The Site, you also agree to: The Site's policies regarding privacy of information (visible in The Site's "Privacy Policy.")

iv) In using The Site, The User accepts that if they breach the rules in the Terms of Use, the ability to use The Site can and will be revoked. Please note that these terms and conditions remove any liability to, its agents, affiliates and associated persons that may arise through use of The Site. Disclaimers and validity of information warranties are detailed in full.

A) Your agreement and changeable terms. This "Terms of Use" document, along with the "Privacy Policy," are subject to change, The User can determine if a change has been made by checking the "Last Updated date" by the document title. If and when changes are made, these changes will not be applied retroactively, but will exclusively govern "thereafter; these changes do not nullify in any way the authority of the agreement for usage of The Site prior to the change. "The Site" reserves full rights to change and modify site content, site functions, and also content submitted by The User.

B) The User representations to The Site, and use of The Site by minors. While the site is an avid supporter of financial education from a young age, minors are hereby banned from entering any personal information, submitting information to The Site forums, or using the link to apply features The Site facilitates. The Site will not knowingly collect any information from minors. In use of the site, The User agrees to refrain from providing information about minors. You The User represent to us via use of The Site that you are eligible to make legally binding agreements. The User represents that they have authority to make binding agreements on behalf of companies if acting on behalf of those companies. The User agrees to use the site only for lawful purposes.

C) US Regulations and Site Jurisdictional Issues. All information and function of The Site are subject to US jurisdiction and laws. While all content and function of The Site is designed to deliver the informational needs of US citizens, The Site reserves full rights to expand on delivery of function and content to a global audience. The Terms of and Conditions of this document will govern The Users in all jurisdictions, and The Users agree to these terms via usage of The Site or through consumption of information on affiliate or other links which reflect the content of The Site. The Site complies with all local laws, and it is the responsibility of The User to ensure they do likewise. It is at the sole discretion of The Site as to whether individuals or geographic regions will be blocked from accessing The Site. This agreement has been created in line with the laws of the State of Washington U.S.A. With User use of The Site they agree to the waiving of any jurisdictional rights of courts outside the State of Washington and that The Site is under the sole rule of law, and jurisdiction of the courts of Washington. In use of the site for the facilitation of purchases of goods and services, The User recognizes and agrees that the Convention of International sale of goods of the United Nations is not relevant to, nor apply to this agreement between The User and The Site.

D) Removal of Site Function, and Service Interruption. Through the course of updating The Site content, as a consequence of equipment failure, of maintenance, of design tweaking, of site repair, or of function addition or withdrawal, The Site or publicly available functions and portions of the site may become unavailable. The Site reserves full right to make these repairs, additions and updates, and endeavors to limit them as much as is possible to enhance user experience of The Site. The Site will attempt to give notice where appropriate of any service interruptions, but changes to site function etc. are at the sole discretion of The Site.

E) Privacy Policy and Information Submission. Acting to the Detriment of The Site or Inhibiting the Enjoyment of The Site by Other Users. In undertaking ii) of this document, The Site incorporates acceptance of The Site's "Privacy Policy" into this document. The Site reserves full rights to remove your invitation to use The Site if inaccurate, defamatory or incomplete information is provided. Any and all information you deliver to or enter onto The Site, whether via email, through forums, comments upon articles, via using search tools or other, is governed under the terms of this Privacy Policy. Information must be non-discriminatory, non-salacious, and non-defamatory as well as truthful and accurate. If delivering personal information via the application function of The Site, then this information must be truthful and accurate. The User's best interests are served by giving complete accurate information, and by ensuring that if information entered becomes redundant, that The User takes all available steps to rectify the accuracy of such information. The Site reserves full discretion in determining what constitutes a violation of our "Privacy Policy," (except of course regarding our promise to you in this regards), a violation of our terms and conditions, and what constitutes an inhibition of other User's enjoyment of the site and optimum User experience. If User action impedes the sites' optimal function, The Site reserves full rights to terminate said User's right to use The Site. While the site promotes an environment of discussion and learning based on user experience, and promotes user generated content to the benefit of the community, The Site wishes to lay down clear rules and the consequences of breaching these rules:

The User will not defame with their inputs, they will not use threatening frames of reference or abusive language, they will not use language that may incite (insightful comments and user input for site improvements are always welcome), they will not offend other users, make defamatory remarks about people, companies or products. Non observance of these rules will not only result in the submitted information being rejected and / or removed, but The User's rights to submit content will be terminated. The User is directly and entirely responsible for the consequences of their posting to the site. The User is forbidden from transmitting or allowing to be transmitted information that may cause harm to the site; this includes (but is not limited to) the transmission of viruses, and other code that may have destructive properties. So too any transmission that may be considered as SPAM is also prohibited.

E) i) The posting of comments or other information to the site become the property of The Site. Any comments or other content posted by The User that is not proprietary or copyrighted information is now available to The Site for use as they deem fit. The Site may at its sole discretion redistribute the information, retail it, copy, adapt, and reformat it according to the desires of The Site. Any monetary gain as a result will be royalty free from The User who transmitted the content. The content may be propagated outside of the web domain. In posting to The Site you automatically grant these rights to The Site.

E) ii) Other terms and conditions relating to unacceptable behavior on The Site, through The Site, via its Forums and other. The Site is the sole property of The User is forbidden to manipulate the site content and code. The User has permission to use the site once they agree to these terms. Once the site is used The User is deemed to be in acceptance of these terms. Use of the site is at the sole risk of The User, this risk includes if viewed content is deemed to be indecent, inappropriate, inaccurate, and / or offensive, The Site is not liable for any resulting negatives from use of The Site. The User must be of legal age in order to become a site member or to have an account with The Site. So too The User must be in excess of 18 years of age to engage with The Site community via the Site Forum or through commentary on site articles. In using certain aspects of the Site or functions of The Site it may be necessary to purvey information such as age and other personal details to The Site. You are forbidden to or to allow others to access or make attempt of access to The Site via any automated method i.e. the use of information harvesting bots, site scrapers, crawlers or automated scripts is forbidden by The Site.

The User is bound through their use of the services to remain within the boundaries of applicable laws, including but not limited to laws relating to software and data export. The User is bound by the terms and conditions of this site and by applicable laws not to breach copyright in their postings or other liaisons with The Site. Protected trademarks and patents should only be used with the express written permission of the owner of those materials. The User must not breach or violate the rights of any third parties; be that breach one of confidence, use of their publicity materials, their trade secrets or any materials or information which may be deemed to be the property of third parties. So too The User is requested to behave in a fair and honest way, not to deliver personal information into public view nor to solicit personal information from others, nor to use The Site as a means to delivering paid for reviews or traded for reviews of financial or other products and services. The Site should not be used for commercial purposes by The User or by Third Parties unless specific permissions are sought from The Site and received. The Site through these terms and conditions forbids the manipulation of our search criteria via keyword spamming etc. Mass mailings, emails to other messages are also banned as part of the terms and conditions The User accepts in using The Site.

E) iii) Use of proprietary information of The Site. Express permission must be sought from The Site and gained in order to use any proprietary content or other of the site in an external resource. Adaptation of content or code, the translation of texts etc. is not permitted unless permission is sought and attained from The Site. In the case of The Site delivering copyrighted material of third parties via The Site, The User is also banned from the removal or the modification of such materials. The reverse engineering, reformatting etc. of The Site property is not permitted. The reviews created and other proprietary information of The Site cannot be used without express permission from The Site, these reviews nor company information cannot be used for searchable databases etc. The User is not permitted to attempt to gain access to areas of the site or site functions which are not open to use by the public. User Accounts are the property of the specific user and of The Site, any attempt to gain access to accounts to which you are not authorized through hacking or other means will be seen as a serious breach of the terms and conditions of the site. The Site does however permit Search Engines to access and use Site Property for the facilitation of search.

F) services and content available through The Site. The Site is a for-profit enterprise that offers a range of services on and via The Site. While The Site reserves the right to deliver appropriate service offers and full discretion in determining what is appropriate, we provide now the T's and C's under which provision of these services are governed. This is relating to our responsibilities, and to your undertaking and agreement if choosing to avail of the service offerings. The User's Misrepresentation of self is forbidden, and in using the site The User agrees not to do so. In providing information to and through The Site, The User agrees to provide only fully accurate, current and complete information, agreeing also to (where and when appropriate) update information when factors change.

Over the course of The Site's addition of functions, you may be provided with a password for use of some features. You agree that if such a password is issued that you will keep the password confidential and secure. This password is an important aspect of maintaining your information in a secure way. The Site will not be held liable for The User password being used by third parties (minor or adult) in either an authorized (by user) or unauthorized fashion. So too The User agrees to inform The Site directly if the password falls into the wrong hands, or there is a suspicion of same. Such information should be delivered via

The Site is an access portal to many services and offers; The Site operates as a referrer of financial products in line with the interests and expectations of The User. The Site will also be using content that has been provided and furnished to the site in good faith from third parties. Whilst it is not the intention of The Site to promote any product over another or to sell services or offers of Third Parties, your decisions may be based in part down to the provision of information furnished by The Site. You agree by using the site that your financial decisions are your sole responsibility, and that The Site is not liable for any resulting negative consequences out of your making said decisions. The Site and the affiliates who work with The Site provide a point of access to service provider offers, and a point of information on service provider products such as credit cards and credit bureau score search delivery, (this list is not extensive and there are other "Service Providers" you will be able to obtain information about through The Site.) All of these "Service Provider" offerings are covered by this and the following declaration: The Site is not an endorser of service providers and or their products, the evaluation of a company and their offer is down to you, and we do not recommend particular financial products or service providers. The Site is not an agent of The User, an advisor of The User, and is not an advisor or an agent of the service providers you will find information on via The Site.

Along with The Site's information and service delivery a function allowing services providers to try to win your business can and will be provided. Here The User is furnished with the chance to make submissions for information and offers i.e. "Requests." Some "Requests" will be answered and others may not be answered, and The Site takes no responsibility in either case. The Site makes no guarantees that the Service Providers who give a response to The User request meets the criteria of that request. The assessment of Service Provider offerings rests entirely with The User, and if The User has a financial advisor, then also with such advisor. If a request is deemed to be inappropriate or not in the best interests of The Site, we reserve the right not only not to forward the request to service providers, but to delete the request. While we take care to ensure that if a service provider does contact The User regarding a made “Request,” that they do so by The User’s stated preferred means. However The Service Provider may contact The User by other means at their discretion. The Site operates under strict codes of removing predatory lenders and other service providers from display, but The User must also take personal care to assess the credibility and ability of the service provider to meet User needs in a suitable fashion. The Site strives to only present service providers who are professional and reputable, but is not liable for poor financial agreements or other decisions made on The User's part. The involvement of The Site in this request function ends with the referral of The User request to those in The Site's Service Provider network. If Service Providers fail to get in contact with The User, The Site is not liable, and The Site's lack of liability is without limitation.

In using The Site, The User agrees to these stipulations. Service providers are solely responsible for the services they provide to The User, and The Site is not responsible for their delivery. This agreement means that The Site is not liable for any costs incurred as a result of malpractice, and is not liable for any damages or losses sustained out of use or through connection with using the Service Provider of User choosing. CardSight (The Site) reiterate that The Site is not a financial advisor and that if The User in need of financial advice for their particular unique needs; that you seek it from qualified professionals who are fully aware of The User’s unique circumstances. In using The Site, The User agrees to the above statements of zero liability on the part of The Site and that User decisions regarding choosing of financial products accessed through The Site, are made based exclusively on their own judgment and / or the judgment delivered to The User by their advisors.

Any agreement between The User and the Service Provider is exclusively between The User and the service provider. The Site has no relationship to the transactions, quotes, and service deliveries that take place or fail to take place between the User and the Service Provider.

G) Terms and Conditions concerning the content housed on the site or coming from The Site. Both the content created by the site, and the content of third parties housed on the site is not intended as professional advice, it is provided as a free convenience and The Site is not liable if The User erroneously uses The Site's content as replacement for professional advice. The content housed on The Site and the content sent from the site to The User should not be taken as either advice provision, or the delivery of financial product recommendations. The content should not be taken as the basis for actions and decisions that lead to a financial relationship with a Service Provider. Whilst all possible measures are taken to ensure content information has complete accuracy, the accuracy of said information and content cannot be guaranteed as being accurate. Whilst the site content provided by The Site, by third parties to The Site, and by The Users of the site is extensive, we cannot deliver the relevant information in its totality; guarantee all the content available on the site as up to date, nor the reliability of The Site content.

The User in their use of the site accepts these terms and conditions and the stipulation that it is the responsibility of The User to evaluate the accuracy, up to date aspect, and the reliability of the content on The Site, and the content made available through The Site. In line with this declaration regarding the accuracy etc. of site information The User is requested not to delay in seeking professional financial advice from a practitioner who knows their specific circumstances due to the acceptance of content they have read on The Site or through The Site as being wholly accurate. Nor should The User disregard any advice received by a professional financial advisor due to having consumed content of The Site.

G) (i) Proprietary Rights. All content and code used by and delivered by The Site is either the sole property of the site, or The Site has been granted permissions to use and deliver such property. User reviews and other, site features, the graphics, the layout and compilation, the code and the interfaces are included in this property, but this list is neither extensive nor complete. In use of The Site, The User agrees to abide by the laws of proprietary information. Regarding content; the user is permitted to print a copy of information for personal use. The Site content shall not be used by The User for any commercial purposes or other unless specific written permission is sought and obtained. The Site is the owner of a range of copyrighted information and is the permitted user of other copyrighted information. The information includes APs, software, trademarks, logos etc. but again the listing here is not complete. In spite of this incompleteness the User accepts that they are not permitted to use any of the proprietary information on the site unless either permission from the site or the permission of the Third party owner is obtained. User generated content comes under a different state of ownership and terms of its use are dictated in Section “E) i)” of this terms and conditions of use document. Even in the case that certain properties are not protected by patent or copyright, The User accepts that rights, intellectual property or otherwise remain with The Site or with Third Parties.

G) (ii) Infringement of Third Party Property Rights via The Site. In the event that content or other property including intellectual property, is provided to The Site by Third Parties, the third party hereby accepts that they are responsible for the protection and the enforcement of their own property rights. This agreement removes any liability or obligation from The Site for protection and enforcement of those protections. This is notwithstanding that the use of, manipulation of, copying of, distribution of, or other use of the property has been outlined as a serious breach of The Site's terms of use.

H) Lack of Liability for content accuracy, or use of content: The use of site content as a substitute for professional financial advice is done at the sole risk of The User. Due to the nature of The Site it is possible for third parties, The Users and Service Providers or their agents to post information on the site or through The Site. This may take the form of messages, or other devices and the content of such messages cannot be guaranteed by The Site as being factual. While employees of the site will strive to remove any content that is seen to be deceptive, erroneous, or designed to be misleading, The Site is not liable for any repercussions resulting from the relay of such content to The User. The User accepts this lack of liability on behalf of The Site through their usage of The Site. The Site does not deliver recommendations on content from third parties, The Site does not endorse particular financial products, The Site is not liable for any site content and negative consequence through use of The Site content. This lack of liability governs opinion expressed in The Content on The Site. Agents of The Site, directors, employees, affiliates and those involved in The Site are not liable for the opinions of Third Parties represented on The Site, The User recognizes that these opinions may not be in line with our own opinions and that none of these individuals or corporate entities are liable for the nature of such opinions, nor for any negative consequence arising, financial or other, out of use of The Site content.

I) Nature of The Site: The Site is a connector to Service Providers and is not a Service Provider in itself. The User agrees that The Site is not a Credit Bureau, a Credit Card Issuer or other service provider. The Site houses content that may be used to connect to Service Providers based on The User’s and / or The Advisor to The User's assessment’ of The Service Providers: Their assessment of Service Provider’s their ability to meet the needs of The User. This assessment can also be facilitated via the provision of information and the use of that information in order to determine Service Providers who "may" meet the needs of The User. The Site plays no part in the making of acceptance decisions and cannot accept any liability out of acceptance failure, or the ramifications of successful applications. Similarly if a connection is facilitated to other service providers of any kind, The Site plays no part in the activities of said Service Provider. The Site is not responsible for credit decisions made by Card Issuers or Service Providers that may be referred to you. The Site does not provide any financial services.

I) i) Nature of The User Requests for Service Provider Facilitation. Should a request be made through The Site by The User to find a particular service provider, and information (complete or incomplete) is furnished by The User through the site, this represents The User giving authorization to service providers / their affiliates / or third parties to research The User, and such research may include a credit history check. Such research is also authorized by The User if they tender an application for a financial product courtesy of a referral from The Site. Full responsibility for law and regulation compliance lies with The User in the applying for and the use of financial products or services offered by Service Providers. Any warranties offered are delivered by third parties and are not made by The Site.

I) ii) Nature of the results of Search, Editors Picks and Other Referral Methods. The Site is neither responsible for nor actionable against for any services and coverages referred to via The Site. Any quotes and terms that The User receives or accepts are accepted at the sole risk of The User. The Site will doing its best to ensure that accurate data is provided, and that The User gains access to quality data, but cannot guarantee the quality, accuracy of that data. Nor does The Site guarantee that the terms, rates and other devices of offers referred to through The Site are in fact the best offers or terms for the specific User. The Site recommends that the user consult a professional financial advisor in making financial decisions. The Site is not, nor is it intended to be a financial advisor or a substitute for a financial advisor. No fees to third parties are transferred through The Site.

I) iii) Nature of Financial Relationships Regarding Third parties to The Site - Use of The Site is free to The User, but The Site reserves the right to charge fees at a future point. The Site is a free entity with free access for all above the age of 18. Payments are not made to The Site. The Site does not have a membership fee structure request nor accept payments from The User for use of The Site. In using The Site, The User understands that The Site may receive payments from Third Parties for facilitation of The User connection to that Third party, however The User also understands that The Site has no say in nor any responsibility for the terms of offer made by Third Parties to The User. The User also agrees that The Site has no involvement in arrangements and agreements reached. The Site is not liable for, and the User agrees to the fact in their use of The Site, that The Site is hereby released from any actionable claims, regarding financial loss, be they associated costs, fees, damages that occur or are alleged to occur through The User's use of Third Party Service or Product Offerings. The User in their use of The Site also agrees that while the site is free to use now, this may change at a future point, or additional functionality may be added or fees attached to the use of certain functions that are currently free to use. The User accepts that fees may be charged at a future point, but that these fees cannot and will not be charged retrospectively for use of The Site in the past.

J) Purchases of products or services made through The Site and through links available on The Site. The Site reserves the right to make available to The User a host of services and products for purchase through the site or through links from the site. This mechanism is a means for the site to generate income. For the making of some purchases of products (financial related or otherwise) it may be necessary for The User to provide certain personal information, up to and including The User's credit or debit card information. In the provision of such information The User is obligated to provide accurate information and so too to only provide information for said cards for which they are authorized users. In providing this information The User recognizes and agrees that it may be necessary for the information to be provided to third parties for the facilitation of the transaction. In tendering the information the right to do so is provided by the User regardless of whether the transaction is taking place on behalf of The User or by The User themselves . The Site facilitates links directly to third parties or to agents and affiliates of third party service and product providers. In using the site, The User understands that The Site has zero control over the operations of such vendors, affiliates and agents, and cannot and will not as a result be deemed responsible for the resulting transaction, the availability of the advertised product or the link status (broken, site unavailable etc.)

The Site has full right to remove links to the site at any point without notice. The User recognizes also that whether the product or service is information based, white goods, service or otherwise that The Site is not an endorser of those goods and services. The Site is hereby made exempt from any liability resulting from loss due to the transaction, the link, the accuracy of content, the functionality of the product and compatibility of hardware and software, or the provision of the service or product resulting from the transaction. In relation to services and products offered directly by The Site, the User recognizes and accepts that information (graphic or content) relating to those products and services are subject to change, that the availability of the products and services may be limited and that the honoring of any coupon codes, promotional codes or other relating to those products and services is at the sole discretion of The Site. The Site reserves the right not to facilitate any transaction at any time for any reason. So too whether the transaction is made through The Site, through affiliates, agents or directly from third party vendors, The User agrees that they themselves are liable for the payment of delivery charges, handling charges, and any taxes due on purchases. Any transactions made through third party sites are covered under the terms and conditions of the vending site and not through The Site. Neither The Site nor any related entities are liable for damages of any kind (be they punitive, consequential, indirect or incidental as a result of transactions or transaction attempts made via the site or via linkages from the site. The User agrees that they are solely responsible for costs associated with The User’s use of the site *internet / power bills etc.

J) i) If The User is dissatisfied with The Site. The sole means of action against The Site by the user is the withdrawal of their visitation to The Site. It is however conceivable and possible that in spite of the indemnification of The Site from any and all liabilities with this document, that there may be exclusions of indemnity under applicable law. This does not remove the legitimacy of all disclaimers and liability limitations outlined in this document. If law finds that any of the disclaimers and exclusions from liability does not apply to the particular User, then The User may have other and additional rights.


K) Security of The Site and Associated Interference with Machines, Information and Downtime. The Site observes all reasonable and practicable precautions to maintain the security of The Site and its stored information. However, as a result of actions beyond or control security breaches may take effect, with the manipulation of code etc. Neither The Site nor any of its associated persons, agents or affiliates shall be held liable for incidental consequences, loss of profits, of lost information / interception of information, or other damages as a result of such breaches. If you become aware of a breach we request that you contact The Site forthwith on

L) Termination of This Contract Between The User and The Site. The Site can at any point without notice or obligation to inform on the reason for same, terminate the right of The User to use The Site. The Site reserves the right to delete any information held by The User via the site accessible through The User password, which may also at The Site's discretion be deleted. In using The Site, The User agrees that The Site will not be liable for any losses whatsoever as a result of termination of access. The User agrees that all information relating to lack of liability of The Site and other ancillary information contained in sections of this agreement A) through O) will still hold true, and survive in the case of this agreement being terminated. This Agreement is active and in operation until it is terminated. Again The Site reserves the right to change this agreement at any point; any new changes will not be retrospective. The User is asked to copy and save this agreement. The User will be able to identify if the document has been changed by looking to the "Last Updated Date" at the heading of the document.

M) Complaints, and also questions relating to this document. (The Site) and its operators can be mailed at the following address:, 1685 H St., #578, Blaine, WA 98230 or can be contacted at this email address:

N) Infringement of Copyright. In circumstances relating to copyright infringement, or your belief that a copyright infringement is taking place on The Site, we ask you to contact The Site in good faith by emailing

The Site will act on your concerns with immediacy.

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act '98) gives you the ability to also send us a counter notice relating to the infringement of copyright. To learn more, please see

O) This agreement. This agreement is specifically created for The User of The Site, and is not the foundation of any other agreements, be they joint venture-based, employment related or other. In the instance that any provision in this document is found to be nonactionable, or not according to the law, that does not nullify any of the other parts of the agreement.

The agreement may be added to at any time, but changes will not be applied retractively. As part of The Site content may also include other stipulations of use which are not included in this extensive agreement document, forthwith those stipulations whether mentioned in this document or not, are hereby incorporated into this document. The User agrees in using The Site that this document has the same weight as any other business document in a court of law.

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